DIEK Agriniou – Agriniou – GREECE

The Public Institute of Vocational Training of Agrinio DIEK Agriniou is a public organization located in Agrinio. It is a city of approximately 47,000 inhabitants and the major urban center of Aitoloakarnania Prefecture in Western Greece. It is 280 km west of Athens and it is connected by public transport.

DIEK Agriniou provide adult education, institutionalized by the Greek State for the provision of initial vocational training services to high school and lyceum graduates. The operation of DIEK is supervised by the General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning, with the primary responsibility for shaping and supervising their educational framework.

Studying at DIEK Agriniou lasts 4 semesters, 2 years, and there is a compulsory internship period of one semester. Studying is compulsory in the afternoon from 15:15 until 19:25 and for the notes and course work there is the possibility of electronic method via the online platform E-class. At DIEK Agriniou can study at any age and after completing his studies, the certificate provided in accordance with the European Qualifications Framework is of a level 5.

The certification system for the initial vocational training of DIEK is implemented by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP). Under the responsibility of EOPEPEP is also included the determination of the professional rights of DIEK graduates.

Our Institute has 1 Director, 2 Deputy Directors, 73 Teachers and 3 Administrative staff. Every year about 270 students are attending. During this year, 18 departments with the following specialties are implemented: Museum and archeological sites guard, Sports coach, Savior – ambulance caregiver, Nursing assistant, Child care assistant, Clothing and footwear technology – Fashion designer, Computer applications designer – developer of video games), Secretary of directors and senior executives, Pharmacy assistant,  Computerized accountant – tax consultant, Aesthetics and makeup artist, Computers technician, Hairdressing artist.

Our institute has 17 classes, 2 Computer labs, 5 labs for internship, 1 library, 1 director’s office, 2 offices of deputy directors, 1 communal room for teachers, 1 canteen. The whole is a building of 1.000 square meters and located in Agios Konstantinow area of Agrinio City.

The socio-economic environment of the city can be described as follows:

– A former agricultural area where the main occupation of the inhabitants was the cultivation of tobacco and the city was prosperous. It was also the biggest commercial center of Aitoloakarnania. Following the implementation of the EU policies on agriculture and the change of crops, economic downturn has occurred in the city, with the result that young people, in particular, are seizing their departure from the city for a job search, especially in the capital Athens.