Liceul Tehnologic Elena Caragiani – Tecuci – ROMANIA

The story of the Technological High School Elena Caragiani begins on the 1st of September 1990, when within the “Gheorghe Asachi” School, Tecuci set up 6 apprentice classes. With the qualifications, in addition to 6 professional school qualifications (Vegetable preparer, Clothing, Car paint, Electrician maintenance, Welding and Locksmith), in the following year, 1991-1992, the Professional School is formed. This school works for 2 years because on the 1st September 1993, 3 high school classes are established. It ts the birth certificate of the “industrial School Group”.

From the 1st of September 2012 the name of the school changes from the “Industrial School Group” to “Technological High School “Elena Caragiani” “.

Elena Caragiani was the first woman aviator of Romania and she was born in Tecuci. She dared to apply for a pilot’s patent in a century in which this right belonged almost exclusively to men. She was the world’s first journalist who wrote reports from the plane.

Besides laboratories, workshops, school and medical offices, the High School also enjoys the existence the The School’s library.

For 28 years since its establishment, the name of the school gas been mentioned numerous times at local, country, national and international level.

We were praised, envied, disputed, but we had, we have and we will definitely have winners.

Between 2008 and 1014, the school’s students and teachers have carried out four European projects: “Entrepreneurial skills for organizing rural tourism, in areas with a poorly developed economy”, “the Prevention of discrimination and violence against women”, “Forests for everyone, all for forests”, “Broadening our cultural horizons”.

Our school has developed partnerships with NGOs, high school or university institutions, adult schools for Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Great Britain.

In the school year 2019-2020, at „Elena Caragiani” Technological High School, 860 students are enrolled and 72 teachers are teaching. Students can attend high school or vocational education courses.

High school education is organized on the following profiles:

  1. Technical, with qualifications:

– Mechanical field: Maintenance and repair mechanical technician, Metrologist technician, Electromechanical technician.

– Textile and leather domain: Textile designer, Technician in the textile industry

– Electrical field: Electromechanical technician, Technician in electrical installations, Electrotechnist technician

  1. Domain of services: Tourism technician.
  2. Domain of commerce: Technician in acquisition and contracting.

Vocational education courses is organized on the following profiles:

  1. Technical, with qualifications:

– Mechanical field: Auto mechanic, Tinsmith auto painter, Operator on machines with numerical control, Welder

– Textile and leather domain: Manufacture of textile products

– Electrical field: Low voltage electrician, Electrician builder

  1. Domain of services: Hotel worker
  2. Domain of commerce: Seller trader