One of the objectives of our project is:

– To improve professional, linguistic and digital students´ skills, as well as soft and social skills, leadership, interpersonal relationships, positive attitude, and teamwork, synergy of partners.

In this way, a good option is work-based learning by seting-up of a simulated company between all the students of our schools. It will make students co-working and also improve their skills by:

– Using English as language to communicate, and improving them their language skills.

– Using ICT resources made by students (cloud, drive,…). All documents and resources made by students will be in a drive, and will be also uploaded to the webside.

The first step of this simulated company is the selection of activity and name of the company. Those elements were selected in the first meeting in Sevilla on November 29th 2019. In this meeting, partsners also agreed on the first tasks that each school had to work. In this way, Romanian partners using useful information prepared by Spanish Coordination has created the Catalog ABSVETPRO of our company. The name of the company («Absvetpro») comes from the acronym of the project: Reducing ABSenteeism through teamwork, motivation and insertion of immigration in VET (Vocational and Educational Training) PROject.

Students have been working different skills. For example,  in order to work the entrepreneurship, videos and presentations have been made showing the different steps necessary in each country to set-up a compay.


How to create a company in Turkey




Slovakia Company Formation_1


Students also work on their language skills, making videos and videoconferences with other students, where they simulate business activities, such as job interviews:

Also in the company, we have created the Stock Control App.