Throughout the Covid-19 period, all the partners have continued working, holding videoconferences through Skype, even in Etwinning, however it was not possible to record in this medium.


Our project has been uploaded in eTwinningSpace. Contents, objectives, meetings and all info about the project is there:

Link to the eTwinningSpace of the Project

We have been working as cooperative space eTwinningSpace but there we cannot record the meetings, so this is the reason we donot use it for our online meetings. You can see the announcement for the meetings here but not the recording because it is not possible (on July 3, a meeting was held through Etwinning online). It was the last meeting of the 19/20 course







During courses 2019-20 and 2020-21, we have used Skype as tool to conect partners and develop the project via online. We have had a lot of meetings via Skype. You can see them here.

On September 10th,



On September 11th, 2020,  all the partners from Slovakia, Turkey, Romania, Greece and Spain met to investigate in the Embassies of each of our countries if we could hold the meeting in Romania in the month of October.


The meeting could not be held since the second wave of Covid-19 made it impossible for all countries to travel.

All the work has been done, uploading them to Google Drive, in an account open for that purpose:



Through Skype, several video conferences have also been held.

On day 12 of February we have had a meeting with Skype.


On day 15 of March we have had a meeting with Skype.