IES Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer – Sevilla – SPAIN

The IES Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, a public center under the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, is characterized by its constant commitment to innovation and the persevering pursuit of quality. This is evidenced by facts such as that it was ascribed to bilingualism and the implementation of new technologies from the beginning of these ambitious projects.

The lessons we teach are, in the morning shift, Compulsory Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Basic Professional Training (Administrative Services). In the afternoon, our classrooms welcome students of Secondary Education for Adults (Semipresencial), Baccalaureate of Adults (Face-to-Face and Semi-Presence), Initial Vocational Training of Middle Grade (Administrative Management), and initial Vocational Training of Higher Degree (cycles of Administration and Finance and Management Assistance).

The total number of students is around nine hundred and has a staff of seventy-three teachers for the 2019/20 course.


We believe that in a society like the current one, immersed in a process of globalization that is increasingly integrated within the common European framework, requires understanding, cooperation, exchange of ideas and citizen mobility. Therefore, we have been organizing activities for many years in which our teachers and our students have participated with centers in Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany, in addition to receiving visits from Dutch, Austrian, French teachers, etc.

We list below the activities that include mobility of the last two courses:

Cultural immersion (Exmouth, U.K. 2017-18)
Practical Methodology for Teachers (U.K. 2017-2018)
French ict tools for Learning and Teaching in School (French, 2018-19)
Creative Teaching in te Secondary CLIC Classroom (U.K. 2018-19)
Digital Turn (Holland 2018-19)
Benchmarking Course Finnish Education (Finland 2018-19)
Student Exchange with Johann Heinrich Voss Schule (Germany 2018-19)

And in this course, we have already underway:

Visit of Austrian Professional Training teachers. The exchange of experiences that arise from here may serve for future mobility activities.
Exchange visit of the Lycée Notre Dame Tourteliere de Puozauges. Exchange of information on the respective educational systems.
2019-1-ESO1-KA 202-065847. The title of the project is: To alleviate absenteeism through teamwork, motivation, personal development and immigration insertion. We are the coordinators of the working group with teachers from Turkey, Romania, Slovakia and Greece.
2019-1-ESO1-KA 103-062918. Mobility for the FCT in the EU of our students.

As can be seen from the foregoing, the IES Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer has always considered that the relations and exchanges of students and teachers with people from other countries and educational systems, but that pursue common objectives, and under the protection of European institutions, are an opportunity extraordinary for everyone.

And for this course, teachers and students of our cycles join this mobility project. Thus, based on the awareness of belonging to the European Union, we have objectives not only strictly academic, but also professional as they are – in a broad sense – to study the European labor market and favor the labor insertion of our students.

Thus, we can firmly affirm that in this European development plan will participate:
. The direct team, which will encourage the implementation of as many viable and enriching projects for the center.
. Teachers, who want to improve their language training and their specific area of training. We already include, in addition to teachers in the linguistic and non-linguistic areas, the Professional Training partners.
. Secondary and Baccalaureate students, in the programs or activities of exchanges and / or cultural visits.
. Students of the Training Cycles who wish to carry out the Training in Work Centers module in EU countries.

We do not believe it is necessary to waste words to explain how important it is to improve the linguistic competence of all students and teachers. All areas are included: the scientific, social, labor and, even, why not say, the simple citizen who travels the countries of our cultural environment. Undoubtedly, learning foreign languages ​​helps develop more respectful attitudes towards people from different countries that puts us in touch with other cultures.
We also found the need to provide bilingual interactive content that integrates with the new technologies that we can already use in our institute at this time. Therefore, we believe that training by teachers is necessary, since the existence of multimedia platforms for teaching any subject or subject is already in reality and, therefore, almost unavoidable use by teachers.


Our objectives try to meet the needs so that we can gradually incorporate them (as we achieve) to our classroom schedules and the teaching-learning process methodologies. They are the following:
1. Develop awareness of relevance to the EU. For this it is necessary to know and sensitize with the values ​​of this space (not only geographical)
2. Promote and encourage the mobility of students and teachers for their professional development.
3. Involve the families of our students in the European projection of our center.
4. Promote the improvement in quality, innovation and internationalization of our institute.
5. Observe the application of other educational systems as well as their systems of practices in companies.
6. Improve the linguistic training of teachers and students.
7. Improve the capacity to respond to social, linguistic and cultural diversity.
8. Stimulate the improvement of the linguistic qualification of students in order to access European studies and / or labor market.
9. Open direct communication channels between the IES GUSTAVO ADOLFO BÉCQUER and EU companies.
10. Give our students the opportunity to put their skills into practice and learn other ways to develop their work.



Golbasi Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi – Ankara – TURKEY

 School Name:  Golbasi Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi

 (Golbasi Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School)

Adress: Karsiyaka Mah. 809. Sok. No:1 06830 Gölbasi / Ankara / TURKIYE

Our school was opened in 2003. Our school is in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. International transportation is very easy.

We have 2 lakes in Golbasi and Golbasi means Lakeside in Turkish.

The area of our scool is 17400 m2 and  3 buildings. The area of buildings is 5000 m2, the area of garden is 12400 m2, and sportive area is 600 m2.

The number of staff is 92. The number of students is 1000. We have 850 day students and 150 evening students ( adults students).

The age group of students is between 14-18 for day (normal) students and age of adult students is higher than 18.

Now in our school carries on the education with these fields:

• Technology of wooden Field.

• Technology of ICT (Computer) Field

• Electric and Electronics technology Field

• Metal Technology Field.

We have implemented employmet courses in 2009, 2010 about Carpentery, Welding, Automatic Control

We have participated in LDV mobility projects in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015 as a partner and completed them.

In 2012 and 2013, two teachers of my school attended in Comenius in-service training.

We   completed a LDV PARTNERSHIP project during 2013-2015. Its website is The name of the project is that  “Training Disabled People Through ICT Solutions”

We  completed an Erasmus + KA1 school education project in 2016.  Its name ws “The eight methods of fighting early school leaving.”

We  managed an  Erasmus + KA102 VET mobility project (2016-2018).

We   managed an  Erasmus+ and a KA202 VET partnership project (Project Name: Teaching and learning microcontrollers via PicBasicPro(PBP) language in VET, Project date: 2016-2018, Project website:

We started  an  Erasmus+ and a KA202 VET partnership project as a  partner in 2019. Project No:  “2019-1-ES01-KA202-065847”. Project name: “Reducing Absenteeism Through Teamwork, Motivation and Insertion of Immigration”.

Liceul Tehnologic Elena Caragiani – Tecuci – ROMANIA

The story of the Technological High School Elena Caragiani begins on the 1st of September 1990, when within the “Gheorghe Asachi” School, Tecuci set up 6 apprentice classes. With the qualifications, in addition to 6 professional school qualifications (Vegetable preparer, Clothing, Car paint, Electrician maintenance, Welding and Locksmith), in the following year, 1991-1992, the Professional School is formed. This school works for 2 years because on the 1st September 1993, 3 high school classes are established. It ts the birth certificate of the “industrial School Group”.

From the 1st of September 2012 the name of the school changes from the “Industrial School Group” to “Technological High School “Elena Caragiani” “.

Elena Caragiani was the first woman aviator of Romania and she was born in Tecuci. She dared to apply for a pilot’s patent in a century in which this right belonged almost exclusively to men. She was the world’s first journalist who wrote reports from the plane.

Besides laboratories, workshops, school and medical offices, the High School also enjoys the existence the The School’s library.

For 28 years since its establishment, the name of the school gas been mentioned numerous times at local, country, national and international level.

We were praised, envied, disputed, but we had, we have and we will definitely have winners.

Between 2008 and 1014, the school’s students and teachers have carried out four European projects: “Entrepreneurial skills for organizing rural tourism, in areas with a poorly developed economy”, “the Prevention of discrimination and violence against women”, “Forests for everyone, all for forests”, “Broadening our cultural horizons”.

Our school has developed partnerships with NGOs, high school or university institutions, adult schools for Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Portugal, Poland, Lithuania, Great Britain.

In the school year 2019-2020, at „Elena Caragiani” Technological High School, 860 students are enrolled and 72 teachers are teaching. Students can attend high school or vocational education courses.

High school education is organized on the following profiles:

  1. Technical, with qualifications:

– Mechanical field: Maintenance and repair mechanical technician, Metrologist technician, Electromechanical technician.

– Textile and leather domain: Textile designer, Technician in the textile industry

– Electrical field: Electromechanical technician, Technician in electrical installations, Electrotechnist technician

  1. Domain of services: Tourism technician.
  2. Domain of commerce: Technician in acquisition and contracting.

Vocational education courses is organized on the following profiles:

  1. Technical, with qualifications:

– Mechanical field: Auto mechanic, Tinsmith auto painter, Operator on machines with numerical control, Welder

– Textile and leather domain: Manufacture of textile products

– Electrical field: Low voltage electrician, Electrician builder

  1. Domain of services: Hotel worker
  2. Domain of commerce: Seller trader

DIEK Agriniou – Agriniou – GREECE

The Public Institute of Vocational Training of Agrinio DIEK Agriniou is a public organization located in Agrinio. It is a city of approximately 47,000 inhabitants and the major urban center of Aitoloakarnania Prefecture in Western Greece. It is 280 km west of Athens and it is connected by public transport.

DIEK Agriniou provide adult education, institutionalized by the Greek State for the provision of initial vocational training services to high school and lyceum graduates. The operation of DIEK is supervised by the General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning, with the primary responsibility for shaping and supervising their educational framework.

Studying at DIEK Agriniou lasts 4 semesters, 2 years, and there is a compulsory internship period of one semester. Studying is compulsory in the afternoon from 15:15 until 19:25 and for the notes and course work there is the possibility of electronic method via the online platform E-class. At DIEK Agriniou can study at any age and after completing his studies, the certificate provided in accordance with the European Qualifications Framework is of a level 5.

The certification system for the initial vocational training of DIEK is implemented by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP). Under the responsibility of EOPEPEP is also included the determination of the professional rights of DIEK graduates.

Our Institute has 1 Director, 2 Deputy Directors, 73 Teachers and 3 Administrative staff. Every year about 270 students are attending. During this year, 18 departments with the following specialties are implemented: Museum and archeological sites guard, Sports coach, Savior – ambulance caregiver, Nursing assistant, Child care assistant, Clothing and footwear technology – Fashion designer, Computer applications designer – developer of video games), Secretary of directors and senior executives, Pharmacy assistant,  Computerized accountant – tax consultant, Aesthetics and makeup artist, Computers technician, Hairdressing artist.

Our institute has 17 classes, 2 Computer labs, 5 labs for internship, 1 library, 1 director’s office, 2 offices of deputy directors, 1 communal room for teachers, 1 canteen. The whole is a building of 1.000 square meters and located in Agios Konstantinow area of Agrinio City.

The socio-economic environment of the city can be described as follows:

– A former agricultural area where the main occupation of the inhabitants was the cultivation of tobacco and the city was prosperous. It was also the biggest commercial center of Aitoloakarnania. Following the implementation of the EU policies on agriculture and the change of crops, economic downturn has occurred in the city, with the result that young people, in particular, are seizing their departure from the city for a job search, especially in the capital Athens.


Our ABSVETPRO project appears in full on both Etwinning Live and Etwinning Space. Proof of this, we have the certificate of registration of the project, provided by Etwinning.



This course we have applied for the seal of quality, granted by Etwinning. We hope that they will grant it to us, since it will bring more prestige to our project.

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