Third International Meeting was made online (due to Coronavirus pandemic) and was organized by DIEK Agriniou (Greece). It took place on 8th and 9th April 2021


Coordinator School: DIEK AGRINIOU.

Project Name: Reducing Absenteeism Through Teamwork, Motivation and Insertion of Immigration.

Project No: “2019-1-ES01-KA202-065847”

The third International Meeting of our project was held online because Covid-19 pandemic. We were invited by Greek partner to follow the next program:



On Thursday 8th April, partners were welcomed online by the organizers. Partners have been on Skype and firstly we were welcomed by Mr Ventiris Paraskevas, Director of DIEK Agriniou. He was very thankfull because the assitance of the partners even Coronavirus situation. Afterwards, Mr Vasilios Karagiannis explained to the parners the educational offer of DIEK Agrinio, main educational areas they are working and number of students and teachers in their institution.








Afterwards, there took place an speech about “Integration of Immigrants in Greek Educational system and VET Education”. It was made by Dr Charitos Vasileios, expert of Intercultural Education. Mister Vasilios Charitos, expert in inmigration,  explained to the partners the main situations, expectations and solutions done in Greece about inmigration. About refugees education, Greek goverment with European Union Administration consider that It is very important that refugees and migrants receive not only food but also other opportunities, based on increasing their integration habbilities. Hereby you can find Mr Charitos Vasileios´ presentation.

After this interesant presentation, teachers from DIEK and partners from the project, were working about teachers of DIEK and their professions and their way to teach adults, and the risk of absenteeism and integration of migrants.In this way, partners knew the ways that DIEK´s teachers are working in those purposes and main tolls in this objective. Hereby you can find some presentations done in this way.

After the work between DIEK´s teachers and partners, organizers prepared a virtual meeting of the students from the participating countries. They exchanged their experiences and impressions about Erasmus + projects. This was the moment that students from all the countries were together and talked about their aims in participating in Erasmus + projects.

Later, it was time to work about the activities and task related with the simiulated company. Partners are still working with ABSVETPRO, the simulated company made to increase students skills and habilities, even if Coronavirus is by us. Online working and videoconferences allows it and in this way, there are meny elements and activities done. Here is the presentation done about our work.

Still on Thursday 8th April, partners continued working about Vocational and Training in Greece. Mr Adrianopolitis, President of EETEK (VET Scientific Association), presented us the actual and past situation of the Vocational and Educational System in Greece, but also the main objectives and aims for the future. Hereby, you can find his presentation.

Those are the videos of the thrid meeting first day (8th April):

On Friday 9th April, we started by working on our Absvetpro simulated company. Partners gave their contributions to the departments of the company and partners agreed on new activities and task for each department. Hereby, you can find the presentation, and in the meeting minute, you can see the agreements done in this way.

Later on, partners received the speech about Adult Education and Lifelong Learning. DIEK is a VET institution specialized in Adult Education. They have a long experience working with this kind of student and in this way, they are especialized on aspect such us online education, ICT based education, … The presentation about Adult Education and LLL, you can find here.

Continuing with the online meeting, partners also received a speech about Absenteeism in Adult Education in Greece. It was done by Mr Giotopoulos Georgios, official representative of CEDEFOP in Greece. CEDEFOP is one of the EU’s decentralised agencies. Based in Greece since 1995, Cedefop supports development of European vocational education and training (VET) policies and contributes to their implementation. The agency is helping the European Commission, EU Member States and the social partners to develop the right European VET policies. Hereby yopu can find their presentation.

At the end, partners closed the meeting. All of us were very pleasant because of the excellent preparation and developtment of our online meeting.  We valued in a very positive way, the online meeting between students and the hard work done by Greek partner to organice evereything. Thanks a lot!!

Finnally, you can find the videos of the online meeting and the Meeting Minute: